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OmniMath Proprietary Systems

OmniMathís off-the shelf systems for commodities and financial operations are easily customized, and are designed to run on both Windows and UNIX platforms. These systems are perfect for small departments, but are scalable to larger enterprises. These systems include:

  • OmniMACS Commodities FCM back-office system. Tracks futures, physicals and option trades, prepares daily and monthly client statements, open position reports, P&Lís by individual and group, exchange limit reports, option expiration alerts and delivery position notices. A multi-currency system, all reports can be produced in local currency or base currency terms.
  • OmniFund Commodity Fund Operations system. Same facilities as OmniMACS, plus trading advisor performance statistics, fund NAV calculation, redemption and distribution reporting and other facilities for fund operations.
  • OmniFX Foreign exchange trading back-office system. Same facilities as OmniMACS, plus settlement processing and reporting, deliveries and Nostro accounts.
  • OmniBond Emerging markets bond accounting and control. Handles both Brady and non-Brady bonds, in local currencies and dollars, and includes facilities for discounted and amortized instruments.
  • OmniFloor Floor brokerage accounting system. Tracks brokerage fees, give-ups and other floor activities, and prepares brokerage fee invoices and statistical reports. Handles special rates and supplemental invoices.

These systems can be enhanced to interface with other existing systems for data acquisition and export.

Purchase of any of these systems includes report customization, user training, system documentation and program source files. Some limitations on source use apply.

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