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Consulting Services

OmniMath’s consulting services support client efforts to improve operations and expand into new markets, as well as assisting IT in developing and enhancing support systems. These consulting services include:

  • Business Continuity planning and reviews. Business continuity reviews provide disaster and recovery planning for the whole organization, not just IT functions. The review process is also a training medium for heightening awareness of business continuity issues, and a forum for assigning responsibilities appropriate to each level of crisis. Click here to download our business continuity services overview (PDF format) for trading-oriented firms.
  • Back-office diagnostic reviews. Diagnostic reviews cover back-office workflow, integration with trading and finance, customer contact, security, and communications with exchanges and regulatory bodies. Reviews consider speed, cost and level of service as critical criteria.
  • Automation planning. Automation planning covers feasibility studies, requirements definitions, network and communications studies, and hardware and software selection.
  • Systems requirements specifications and systems design specifications for in-house project development. Because of our unique understanding of trading, operations, finance and technology, we are in the ideal position to help end-users clarify their needs, and to translate these needs into terms programmers and systems analysts can understand. As needed, OmniMath can also create detailed program specifications using the requirements spec as a foundation.
  • Contract programming. OmniMath specializes in enhancing existing customer software and building software bridges to connect customer systems that currently do not communicate with each other.
  • Seminars and training, including Introduction to Commodities, Back-office Operations, the UNIX/LINUX Operating Systems, and the MySQL and ACCESS database packages.
  • Web site design and e-commerce consulting. OmniMath can develop your corporate website, design your corporate intranet and extranet to allow employee and customer communication and collaboration regardless of location, and advise on issues of e-commerce, including on-line ordering, payments and brokerage.

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